The One About Self Discovery

Jenny Janes walked a block up until the moon had sunk
Deep beneath the grass and trees, falling on the leaves and drunk
As she sat she smiled at that which knowing how it mattered not
Whomever lives and lies and dies, happy was her moment sought
Sadness made and anger wrought, a courage never ending knot.

By Herself forever dazed, forever lost in clever ways
Happily ever after haze, hand held not for fewer days
Jenny dared a midnight glare, to the cars and headlight stars
Party bars and dancing liquor, hollowed out, a fleeting flicker
Sicker as the water trickled, quicker than her cheek could trick her.

Cold and shivering, ever quivering, She asked, begged, not to die tonight
Or fall back to the gall delivering lust of all things dark from light
Jenny feared an empty life knowing how her mind conceded
To unclear back into strife, growing while her heart had pleaded
All alone dear Jenny wept, for this night she always needed.

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